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Charlotte’s Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up Pros

Certified Property Restoration Experts

Water damage may seem like a minor issue, but it can lead to major problems. Many times, a leak can cause damage before you even notice. In addition to causing structural damages, if moisture isn’t tended to immediately, mold and mildew can form. This is why you need to get the professionals involved right away. At Restoration 1 of Greater Charlotte, we provide expert water damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties. We can help restore areas damaged by water and ensure future issues don’t arise. We’re equipped with the best equipment in the industry and have the experience to tackle any water damage issue, regardless of the severity.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

When dealing with water damage, there are a few reasons you should seek help right away. First, it’s important to dry the area to prevent the growth of mold. Second, we make it a point to get your home or office back to a habitable state as soon as possible. At Restoration 1, our team closely follows a number of extensive steps including:

  • Ensuring your property is 100% dry by using the best equipment in the industry.
  • Removing all affected carpeting, if necessary.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and dehumidifying all surfaces to stop potential mold growth.
  • Cleaning and repairing any possessions damaged by water.

Each of these services is performed with precision and care and always at competitive prices. It’s our goal to provide quality restoration service to our Charlotte customers at honest rates. Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).

How Water Damage Can Occur

Water damage can start from a number of possible sources. Whether a result of faulty plumbing, slab leaks or a water heater breakdown, it’s important you call us right away. We have relationships with local plumbers who can assist us, if needed. We provide quality water damage restoration so things can get back to normal in your home.

24/7 Water Damage Response

If you discover a leak that’s causing water damage, you can’t afford to wait until the next day to address the issue. By then, you could have a huge mess to deal with. We understand the urgency of water damage. That’s why provide 24/7 emergency service to all customers in the Greater Charlotte area. We’ll arrive within one hour of your call to inspect your home and form a plan of action. When doing so, we make it a point to treat your home with the utmost care and respect.

Call Restoration 1 of Greater Charlotte at the first sign of water damage in your home or business. Our team will provide timely water damage restoration and ensure no mold or mildew forms.

Why Choose Restoration 1 of Greater Charlotte

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“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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