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What Not To Do During The Water Damage Restoration Process

water damage restoration charlotte, water damage cleanup charlotte, water damage repair charlotteDuring the water damage restoration process, there are many honest mistakes you can make that will further compound your problems. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to simply know what they are so you can be prepared for them. From our experts at Restoration 1 of Greater Charlotte, here are five of the most common mistakes during this process that you should be aware of. 

Water Damage Restoration In Charlotte

Put Off Beginning The Restoration Process

Water damage restoration is extremely time sensitive. Even the difference of just a few hours can be the difference between saving or losing some of your possessions. Thus, it’s important that you act immediately if your home is ever affected by a water damage disaster. Call a professional company without delay so they can be out to your home to help you repair the damage. 

Go Into The Home Without Proper Protective Gear

Floodwater can be extremely hazardous. Black water, the most serious type of contaminated water, contains sewage or harsh chemicals. Contact with this type of floodwater can lead to seriously adverse health complications. Thus, you should never enter your home after a flood without the proper protective gear. Unless you are positive that the water isn’t contaminated this is the rule to follow. 

Missing The Details

Effective water damage restoration is all about the details. Missing even small pockets of water during the restoration process can lead to significant levels of mold growth and water damage throughout the home. This is one reason why calling a professional company for help after a flood is so important. They have the manpower and experiences necessary to do a thorough, high-quality restoration job that won’t leave any of the damage unresolved. 

Failing To Hire A Water Damage Restoration Company

Once again, this is a fatal error during the water damage restoration process. Professional, certified companies have superior manpower, experiences, training, and equipment that those without a cleaning and restoration background simply don’t have access to. Thus, hiring a professional company is the best way to ensure that the restoration process goes smoothly and effectively. It also takes the stress and worry of the restoration process out of your hands. 

Hiring A Company Without The Proper Certifications

Last of all, you should take a close look at the certifications a company has before hiring them. At a minimum, the company’s restoration technicians should be certified and the company should have some certifications for water damage restoration. There are no federal certifications, so they will vary by state.   

Don’t fall into the same errors that so many people have before. Never underestimate the enormous project that a water damage restoration job can be, and don’t hesitate to call us at Restoration 1 of Greater Charlotte ASAP if you ever experience water damage in Charlotte.

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